Verona Pooth She Get Braces

Verona Pooth :

Verona Pooth do without this “beauty accessory” sure: with 48 years the presenter gets braces soon. Kisses for husband Franjo? Not prohibited, could be difficult


Beginning of March made Verona Pooth, 48, with a botched beauty treatment for headlines: due to an overdose of hyaluronic acid, she got two adult inflatable lips instead of a sweet Schmollmundchens. Now, the presenter reveals that her mouth could soon provide conversation


Verona Pooth gets nice teeth


“So, now it‘s time. I‘m getting braces. OMG. Only for a tooth, front, in the middle. For 1 year. This can be something”, she writes under a Facebook photo, the small“evildoers”with an arrow marked on the. And there are even thicker: calculated from December 6, St. Nicholas day, Verona the beauty helpers must carry. A truly bad time, when one thinks of the whole candy and other treats in the advent season.

What may well Franjo Pooth to the “beauty accessory” his wife says?

A wire frame in your own mouth unpleasant. Especially when the smile on the red carpet. But Verona’s dearest Franjo could interfere once the clasp: kissing with metal will be finally learned.

Other stars adorn their teeth with a clip

Small consolation for Verona: she‘s not the only celebrities who have to wear braces as an adult. Princess Sofia of Sweden was photographed only one a few days ago, pop star Gwen Stefanie (was 30) and tennis player Ana Ivanovic (then 18) have the beauty treatment already behind him. Even Hollywood star Tom Cruise 2002 smiled with metal in the cameras. A temporary beauty constraint for the stars, who in hindsight but has paid off at the sight of her beautiful bits.

Her fans cheer the presenter

Verona’s Facebook followers resemble that, write: “half so wild! Wearing one now with 30 also again. What do you do not everything for the beauty! :) and“Dear Verona, you can wear anything, even braces. Is certainly sweet with friends”.

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