Miley Cyrus I Don’t Like Her on Their Engagement

Miley Cyrus :

Miley Cyrus her engagement with Liam Hemsworth confirmed for the first time, but then blasphemed her diamond ring.


Yes, it‘s true. Miley Cyrus (23, “wrecking ball“) and Liam Hemsworth (26, “The Dressmaker”) are again engaged. This was confirmed by the singer on the “Ellen DeGeneres Show”. So the rumors are true. What is nearly the bigger surprise: her engagement ring doesn’t like the 23-year old. And, although he is equipped with a huge, shiny diamond or perhaps even because of it. “I have just a different sense of aesthetics”,reads their statement.


“It‘s really strange, because it is a real gem. I usually wear jewelry from jelly beans and candy floss. That somehow not really fits together”, said Cyrus, who is known for her flamboyant style. Sometimes she replace the expensive bling so simply with a Unicorn or a cartoon character. Generally, she wear the ring but, because it a sign of Hemsworth’ love is. The appropriate comment by Talk master in Ellen DeGeneres: ‘God, there would have he but save a lot of money can.’

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