Taylor Swift “Abused”? Singer Sues Against DJ

Taylor Swift :

Taylor Swift should be been groped at a photo-op of DJ David Mueller. Three years later her testimony published now.


It has been three years since that pop star Taylor Swift (26, “1989”) on DJ David Mueller met at one of her concerts in the backstage area. Since 2015, now also the courts deal with this clash. Because Muller then lost his job and filed a lawsuit against swift in 2015. She countered in October of the same year, with a Counter suit for sexual violence and assault. Her detailed testimony of the events was published now. The 26-year-old accuses the DJ that he had them at the photo session “indecent touched”, as the music magazine “Billboard” in the court documents cited.


“I was never so sure in my life”


The singer describes the incident thus: “just at the moment when we should pose for the photo, moved his hand down my dress and grabbed my buttock and, how much I also tried to turn me away she stayed no matter.” Swift should also have given to log the Po Garcia may have been intentional. “I was never so secure in my life”, according to their statement.


“Totally perplexed”


Swift also performs, how much they have churned the incident. She was “distraught,shaken and felt abused” after that. A meet and greet be home in Swifts eyes to do so, to thank the people that they came to the concert. The DJ violated this hospitality and that have left her completely perplexed.


Mueller, however, said the incident was a misunderstanding. Swifts allegations are false, he had touched them accidentally. The money will be donated to the pop star should win the case. On non-profit organizations that committed to protect women from sexual attacks.

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