Rihanna She Now Wears Dreadlocks

Rihanna :

Hard to believe, but Rihanna has again managed to surprise their fans with a new hairdo: she wears dreadlocks!


Black Pixie cut, red Bob, blonde extensions Rihanna (“Rude Boy” 28) seems to have already tried all possible haircuts. But because of. Now surprised the singer her fans via Instagram again with an amazing look: dreadlocks. Pretty long dreadlocks to be exact.


The dark curls of felt take your up to the thigh as the mirror Selfie shows the 28-year. Among them, she simply wrote “Buffalo Soldier”, a song of by legendary reggae artist Bob Marley. With her new look, Rihanna underlines their love of reggae music. I like the fans: likes more than a million have been with us for the dreadlocks image.

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