Kim Kardashian Was Selfie Craze Her Undoing?

Kim Kardashian :

Kim Kardashians favorite hobby has led precisely to the attack? The idea suggests that a Selfie was the starting point.


How could the burglar only so much about Kim Kardashians, 35, stay in Paris know,her former bodyguard Steve Sanulis was according to the “Radar Online” page.Well, maybe the crooks have subscribed to just the Twitter and Instagram feed of the multi million dollar wife of rapper Kanye West, 39. Because Kardashian is known to inform their followers almost hourly over their sexy curves, but also about the latest adventures and bling. Doomed her in Paris this decadent pointing ability now maybe?


“Ring! Ring! Ring!”


As the US side “TMZ” reported that the thieves might have been very purposeful. English they could to not, called allegedly just a word they knew and always according to the report: “Ring!” Kardashian a picture of the huge piece of jeweler that her husband West (“Yeezus”) has given her, had posted only four days ago on Instagram this snapshot seemed like a kind of theft catalyst?


At least French thieves at Kardashians Paris stay could have slammed meeting and freezing the chance at the magnificent loot. The star of the picture makes even sparklers in the mouth made of pure gold, of course. Total jewelry should be stolen said Sunday with a total value of incredible 10 million euros.


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Police warns individuals for a long time, to inform the social channels like Facebook,Twitter, or just Instagram not about upcoming vacations. As for patient predator such reckless updates can be the perfect information to find a vacant House and easy prey.


Of course Kardashian is located after the armed robbery in a State of shock, it is not unusual therefore, that she has since published nothing more personal on their pages. But circumstances she will spend less time in the future to post what precious belongings it leads straight to for your stay in Paris seems to have shown, opportunity makes thieves actually.

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