Sophia Thomalla Reactions To Their Refugee-Tweet

Sophia Thomalla :

With a joke about refugees, Sophia Thomalla has catapulted many out. But what do the TV colleagues of the thing?


Sophia Thomalla, 26, has with her controversial Tweet from the Friday evening get exactly what they wanted: attention. Whether it is the right kind of attention, which is however doubtful. “Small tits are like refugees: they‘re going, but actually you don’t want it“, wrote the actress on several of their social media channels and posted a picture on which she has breasts to do so.


There he is again the Hailstorm,


Quickly cooked up a Hailstorm, but Thomalla tried to explain. Together with TV writer Micky Beisenherz, 39, who is known for his biting humor, Thomalla the thing had imagined. “An experiment and time deliberately provoked. We wanted to see if you think actually all seriousness that the ERNST was meant Madness”, explained them via Twitter. But this could hardly smooth the waves.

While many users, further railed against the action failed in their eyes, some TV colleagues Thomalla, the discussion interfere with. And you were not fond of the “experiment”.

Klaas has nothing to do with

TV presenter Elton, 45, responded directly to one of the Facebook posts by Thomalla: “sorry… no matter if you bet or experiment… Moreover it makes no jokes and there is an own goal. I would have expected so little even Bagheri.”
Before the enlightenment by Thomalla, many had speculated that‘s is probably could have been a bad joke style of the “Hailstorm”roulette “Circus Haddad”, when the celebrities in question tweets had to settle. But one of the moderators intervened quickly the show, Klaas Heufer circulation, 33,. The whole thing had nothing to do with“Nikola”, he wrote: “This is even us too bad #thomalla”. Also be show mate Joko Winterscheidt, 37, and the official account of the broadcast distanced themselves.

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