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Victoria Beckham :

Victoria Beckham is on the peak of their success. At home but its status as a style icon is beside the point if this continues, the New York Fashion Week is soon renamed Victoria – Beckham – party games. For years, the former spice put a wow performance girl at the main event in the fashion industry after the next. Perfectly styled and super casual she posed last week for photographers and took snapshots with their fans.


Own makeup line


In addition to the spring/summer collection her first own make-up line, a collaboration with Estee Lauder presented 42, Victoria Beckham. When developing them inspired by the generation Selfie, which represents itself like no other: “today must be anyone anytime already for a Selfie and this makeup is ideal for”, so VIC. success down the line. “She was always very focused, always gives 100 percent and is very ambitious”, says one of its employees to GALA.


She is at the height of her career


Even Britain’s new Conservative Prime Minister wore one at its inauguration three months ago by Victoria Beckham’s figure-hugging zippered dress on the innocent wife of the early 2000s nobody thinks anymore, the name Victoria Beckham instead of a working mum with 150 employees and four children. “My husband and my children have priority. I plan the work around them.” The five thank you with unconditional loyalty.


The family supports

Husband David, 41, and her elder, Brooklyn, 17, accompanied her to New York last week.In addition to “Vogue” Paakkanen Anna Wintour, they sat in the front row and stood raptly when Victoria entered the catwalk after her show. He was “very proud” to his wife, posted David on Instagram. “What a great show. Mum made well,”, praised Brooklyn on his account. Even the youngest family members remaining in London Romeo, 14, Cruz, 11, and Harper, 5, sent a handwritten card: “Good luck with the show,we love you!”


At home, it’s called football instead of fashion

A fashion family, the adapts itself to all MOM’s good taste? No, Victoria Beckham’s status as a fashion icon is minor matter at home. She does not, the style also her husband now revealed in an TV interview with ABC: “David didn’t need my advice. There also has never been the moment when he did something, what would have been embarrassing me.”


And daughter Harper, who like to hyped up as a mini-Fashionista, has a much larger passion according to her mother. “She loves fashion and make-up is like. Sometimes it is even in my high heels around the House. But in their hearts, she‘s a pretty boyish girl. She has three brothers, that is of course. The other day she said to me: ‘ Mommy, I want to be later football player.’ “And I just thought: Oh, no, the boys want,why not at least one of my children in my footsteps be?”

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