Jennifer Lawrence Her Nude Photo Hacker Pleads Guilty

Jennifer Lawrence :

Victory for Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton. The hacker, who himself gave access to their private accounts, pleaded guilty.


Breathing in Hollywood. I Cloud the man, the various E-Mail accounts hacked and there among them nude photos of celebrities such as Kate Upton, downloaded 24, and Jennifer Lawrence (26, “The tribute by panem”), has pleaded guilty before a court in Chicago known. As among the “Chicago Tribune” reported, the hacker should have denied on Tuesday however, also spread the files. The download is done for his personal amusement, the lawyer of the 29 suspects declared.


The public prosecutor’s Office has ordered a sentence of only nine months as a result of the confession, actually, jail up to five years would have threatened the man. The penalty is to be imposed on January 10. The hacker had gained between 2013 and 2014 access to over 300 accounts. 30 prominent people of them were from the Los Angeles area. First the man had sent therefore emails on his victims, to log the request on a security Web site. Subsequently he took private material in its possession with the help of the personal data.

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