Ashley Williams Miscarriage in “how I met your mother”

Ashley Williams :

Actress Ashley Williams has to cope with a severe stroke of fate. She lost her child inthe eighth week of pregnancy


Ashley Williams, 37, was the role figure Victoria in the US sitcom “how I met your mother to the star. Now, however, she must accept a severe stroke of fate. Namely, in the eighth week of pregnancy, she has lost her unborn baby.

Ashley Williams mourns publicly


On the Web page “human development project she has now published an essay, in which she revealed this bad experience: “A thicker, darker and slower stream of blood flowed on the inside of my thigh down”. With these dramatic words, she describes the tragic moment: “without thinking, I wiped it off with your fingers, they were all wet.I wiped my hands on my jeans shorts and noted that there was much blood.”


Not an isolated case


Since this tragic incident she has been heavily involved with the subject matter, because almost every fourth woman of her age has already suffered a miscarriage. Ashley Williams courage wants to make other affected women to break their silence: “my feeling tells me that it is more than just the pain, let us mention it is fear as to have failed women. You are not damaged. You did nothing wrong. You are strong, brave, and there is hope.”

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