Adele She Wants To Study Again

Adele :

A multi-million, celebrated pop star still cherish what dreams may? Adele White‘s: you want to study and taking a pair of glasses.


The big stage is anyway not really thing of Adele‘s (“Send My Love (To Your new lover)” 28): the singer with the famous voice avowedly suffers from stage fright. Maybe Yes that’s why has Adele quite modest dreams, as she told the audience at a concert in Boston now according to ‘The Sun’. She dreams not by filled stadiums and record albums but by studying at a normal University.


“I want to go strictly on the University”, told Adele. “I know that sounds ridiculous, but this is really a plan that I have.” For her recording contract, she have abandoned place in Liverpool, told the star.


“I would do so, as if I were glasses wearer”


Caring would also a tour at the elite Harvard University near Boston, said Adele‘but I don’t want anyone to think I was smart enough to study at Harvard.” But already the plan in his pocket if necessary the British would have to act extra wise in her lectures: “I think I would pretend as if I were glasses wearer, if I‘m studying.”


When Adele actually soon of the picture disappears, then but probably not for the benefit of their education but more time with her son to spend Angelo. “I‘m sorry if I disappear for a while, but I‘m doing it for you,” the 28-year-old at the concert as “The Sun” with a sigh said. Previously, the journal had reported, a ten-year break Adele plane for her son.

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