Kanye West Model Call Provides for Trouble

Kanye West :

Kanye West called for the casting for his fashion show at New York Fashion Week. But his Tweet caused confusion and resentment.


Kanye West, 39, has made no friends with a call to model for his new show at New York Fashion Week. On Twitter, he released an ad which says he was looking for only“interracial” models for the presentation of his fashion collection recently. But the responses to it are probably not as desirable. It flared up a discussion which women the singer now wants to exclude: black or white?


“You mean no black women?”, asks a user provocative, someone else adds “but not white”. Apparently, great confusion about the wishes of the rapper. “Most black Americans are multiracial. This is just a code for “white women” “, explains an another Twitter. “But many white women are also mixed. I think he thinks that both parents of different origin are”, another holds.


West’s followers agree only to the extent that they largely do not find it right, to exclude a breed.

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