Nabilla Benattia Made a Moving Declaration of Love

Nabilla Benattia :

Thomas Vergara was 30 years old this weekend. Nabilla Benattia took the opportunity to make a declaration of love.

While she completes his grand tour for his book “Too soon”, Nabilla Benattia posted a message full of tenderness on Twitter, which echoes his romantic relationship with Thomas Vergara. The young man was celebrating his 30 years Saturday, an opportunity for the starlet to express her love for him. Despite the legal turmoil that have separated,the excandidate of the show Secret Story and the star of the angels are always glued to the other, as the week last in Las Vegas


The young brunette blonde become wrote on Twitter: “happy birthday to one who shares my life for almost 4 years. I love you more than anything in the world… “. A message which loved his fans who have it retweeted to thousands of times.


The young woman, rather fragile at the moment, can always count on his companion. Recently, she admitted to be ugly on his old photos: “sometimes I look at pictures of me before I find myself very ugly.Like it was me?” She had indicated. Less makeup, less vulgar, more discreet too, she has in recent months tried to turn the page on his life as a bimbo. The success of his book probably helped her. Her beloved and faithful companion Thomas Vergara, certainly also.

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