Lindsay Lohan Already has a New Boyfriend!

Lindsay Lohan :

Lindsay Lohan holiday turned this summer to the drama. On the island of Mykonos,a violent argument with her fiance Russian Egor has done around the webSince then, the separation has been noted. And the starlet is already forth.


With Lindsay Lohan, men, ca scrolls! While she was engaged to her Russian boyfriend a few week ago, she was seen in very good company with the Greek restaurateur Dennis Papageorgiou. In any case, that’s what says the US TMZ gossip site


LILO finally removed her engagement ring from her finger. Since a few days, it’s another big jewel who replaced him What suggest it is closer to the owner of the restaurantbar the Rakkan it wants to believe. Even more strange, the businessman was already present on the thirtieth anniversary of the young woman, just before his heated argument with Egor Tarabasov in Mykonos


But even if she decides to again trust a man, Lindsay Lohan remains very disturbed by his ex. A few weeks ago, in the only interview she has, she admitted that her ex-fiance was unstable, and above all extremely violent: “I realize that it is totally impossible to stay in a relationship like this even if there is love. “No woman can be hit and stay with the man responsible for the shots, and even more if this person isn’t ready to recognize his faults and apology”. Hope that the Restorer will give taste to love.

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