Britney Spears She Missed Justin Bieber

Britney Spears :

It sounds certainly don’t like Justin Bieber: three years ago he should have looked more like 13? Or lost to Britney Spears, there


Many women would certainly be if Justin Bieber (22, “Company”) shows up in her hotel room. Britney Spears (34, “Glory”) was apparently rather confused, as you actually what happened. The reason: You do not recognized the singer. That betrayed them now at ‘ BBC Radio 1 “:“I saw him about three years ago. He came to my hotel room and he was a kid.”


Bieber have really looked as if he was 13 years old, but he was 16, Spears told further. Three years ago, the singer was already 19 However in truth Their young visitors have confused them in all cases, so the 34-year-old, she was thinking: “Who is that?” There was apparently also Bieber mother Pattie Malette, 40. Only when her assistant told her that she have Justin Bieber before him, the penny has fallen, Spears said.


Up on his boyish looks, your Bieber seems to have fallen then but quite good. The singer raved about the modest appearance of their colleague and said: “He is a very,very dear and nice boy.”

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