Blake Lively Wit and Koala Birthday

Blake Lively :

Ryan Reynolds congratulated his wife Blake Lively in its very own way to the birthday, also from Taylor Swift, there were congratulations.


Blake lively (“the shallows”) celebrated her 29th birthday on Thursday and congratulated husband Ryan Reynolds (‘Deadpool’ 39) in its very own way: with a special Tweet for his sweetheart and Billy Ray Cyrus. “I want a special, magical birthday BillyRay Cyrus. I love you with all my heart. And also happy birthday to my wife”, wrote the actor. Actually celebrated on Thursday the father of Miley Cyrus, he was 55.


Lively is probably already used the little jokes of her husband. The two are married in 2012. Their daughter James Reynolds is a year old. A second child will follow soon,the actress is pregnant.


Reynolds is not the only celebrity, congratulated the lively. Taylor Swift (26, “Out Of The Woods”) and sent a message, including a photo of a koala bear via Instagram:“happy birthday, Blake! You‘re a wonderful friend, for humans and koalas. I love you”, she wrote to the image on which the two women along with the animal can be seen. Presumably, the image comes from their joint trip to Australia last year.

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