Kendall Jenner Is She the Biggest Star of The Kardashians?

Kendall Jenner :

Kendall Jenner is again a “Vogue”-cover. This time on the issue in Japan.


Kendall Jenner and Kim Kardashian are the best-known members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan. But while the 35-year old Kim with naked Selfies provides headlines, her little half-sister is photographed by Star photographers. The 20-year-old has landed just their second “Vogue” cover, such as inter alia on Kendall Jenner Instagram account is.Already since 2014, she has collaborated with the fashion Bible, at that time, she photographed Mario Testino, in October, she is now on the Japanese issue of the magazine to see. She shines in September on the US ‘Vogue’.


Wears on the cover of Japan Jenner flashy makeup, her eyes are accented with much black, dark red lipstick graces the lips of the supermodels. Also the hair is rather unusual for Jenner: your dark Mane is parted in the middle and to two plaits braided.Her outfit consists of a black leather jacket, including a blouse and a red and white patterned skirt can be seen. The ensemble comes from the current fall collection from Balenciaga.

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