Rita Ora The Secret Behind her Dream Body

Rita Ora :

Slim in spite of Fast Food? Popstar Rita Ora reveals how and at what candy she will be weak.


Who wants to look like Rita Ora (25, “Poison”), must not be hungry. On the contrary.Even Fast Food is allowed. “If I want to eat a Burger, I eat only half”, explains the singer in an interview with the “cosmopolitan”. “Or I remove the bread and eat just the burger. “Or I eat French fries without Burger.”


The whole set up of the Crown, Ora reveals that she gladly nasche: “sugary fizzy drinks are one of my sins.” But how get rid of them again the love handles incurred? Right: Also a pop star must do sports!


Healthy living is the be-all and end-all


“I do physical exercises, Pilates, yoga or a hike,” ORA announced. If you jog go, then no more than 10 to 15 minutes. Their motto: Nothing beats a healthy life style.


Despite dream figure ora of opinion is: “I‘m not the thinnest person in the world, but I‘m trying also not to be.” She would rather stay in shape instead of being thin: “everyone should try that, because this is the natural way.”

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