Katy Perry So Different it Reacts To Paparazzi

Katy Perry :

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom arrived at the Los Angeles International Airport. But the two reacted completely differently after Orlando’s on the paparazzi


How do you behave when watching the whole world splitter fasernackt has seen one and again there are people, who are responsible for? The paparazzi.


Orlando Bloom takes it calmly


Orlando Bloom was in this situation now. His penis-gate last week attracted lots of attention, even a real boom triggered. Even Orlando’s nemesis, Justin Bieber dropped the covers and showed what he has untenrum to offer. An act of revenge on the actor? You don’t know it. Festival, Orlando takes the whole thing calmly and smiled at the worldwide hype to his best piece. And just as the 39 years old proved now, when Katy Perry‘s back went to Los Angeles with his loved ones.


Katy Perry has no desire


The two arrived last Tuesday at the airport in LA together with Orlando’s son Flynn. Sure,that as the photographer not long to wait let and surrounded the pair. But while Katy the paparazzi crowd was apparently too much and be tried under a CAP, sunglasses and overlooking the sloping off a bit to hide, seems more relaxed to take Orlando the situation again. With his son on the arm and also with cap the Briton could just quickly from the dust become, Orlando left but still lead to a broad grin. If one of the photographer probably made a compliment for his good looks in the Adams costume him at this moment? Katy it seems anyway, less humorous to found to have.

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