Alicia Vikander “Matt Damon Is The Rampage Type”

Alicia Vikander :

Alicia Vikander sniffs at “Jason Bourne” first action air. In the interview, she reveals how was working with Matt Damon.


Oscar-winning actress Alicia Vikander (27, “the Danish girl“) conquered the world of cinema. She can be seen from 08 September it flickers with her boyfriend Michael Fassbender in “The Light Between Oceans” on the screens and then still Lara Croft is on from August 11 alongside Matt Damon in “Jason Bourne”. In the reboot of the PC game series, the Swede takes over the role of Angelina Jolie. In an interview with spot on news told the 27-year-old, whether she took up tips from action hero Matt Damon and raves in the highest tones of her co-star.


“I‘m no hacker”


Alicia Vikander plays the Cyber specialist Heather Lee in “Jason Bourne”. You find out first action film air, but without being in the Center of the actual action.Something, but in no way interferes with the actress: “I play a character who holds the power.” At the present time, the position of the power holder has changed their opinion. Think it’s often even no fight held more face to face. Nowadays many controlled technologies and hacking. Also her figure was responsible in this sense for a large part of the action.


Alicia Vikander is impressed by this new generation. But what about their own technical skills? “I have of course five Ph.d. and started at the age of five, to hack,” the 27-year-old kids. “I like computers. As I grew up, I liked computer games, but except me, hardly another girl that seemed to be interested in.” That was now different, much has changed and would she perhaps ten years later was born, their technical skills would probably also very different. “I‘m no hacker”, clarifies Vikander.


She use of course technical devices to stay in contact with friends and family. Vikander itself has but for example no social media accounts. “I‘ve tried it and it has stressed me with 15 of my friends alone. If you love it, that‘s great’, said the Swede. Social media is an unstoppable force. But she feels more comfortable to reveal too much of themselves through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. “I personally like to sit in the theater and know everything about the person that I see on the screen”, so Vikander. That will give you the fantastic illusion that they are chameleons.

“It was wonderful to work with Matt Damon”


Also her co-star Matt Damon (45, “The Martians save Mark Watney”) is not in the social media world. He portrays the title giving character Jason Bourne. Vikander raves in the highest tones of him and refers to him as the “best actor”. “He is the type of rampage and dearest”, says the Oscar winner. She look up to him as an actor, but as a man who stand with both feet firmly on the ground. Vikander got the utmost respect from his work ethic. No picnic is to make another Bourne film.


It takes five to six months and he must answer every day. Board the physical effort.However, Damon always have the biggest smile on your face and make sure that everyone on the set feel welcome and at home. “It was wonderful to work with him,” says Vikander. But the Swede got tips from the action Pro is? After all, the 27-year-old in the role of action heroine Lara Croft slips. The film should come in the March 2018 in the cinemas. Tips can be considered unlikely Damon’s statements: “He has said I must comply with twice a day in the gym or a diet, from which he can wait to get away,” laughs Vikander.


“It is not the focus”


She saw how hard I worked on Damon. Because these action roles require a lot of discipline. However, she was looking forward to this task and was really excited when it finally go. The Swede have also no problem, too-for a role or to take off. But for them, their physical health have priority. “I love my job, but you must remain reasonable,” clarifies Vikander. Finally, it is also their task to create an illusion as an actress.


To become Lara Croft, she had already hired a trainer who will help you to get in shape. But the focus should be not only how much weight lose or take to an actor. “Hopefully the people the characters and the story talk about.”

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