Zoe Saldana “Love Is a Problem in The Workplace”

Zoe Saldana :

Zoe Saldana plays the self-assured Lt. Nyota Uhura in “Star Trek Beyond”. In the interview, she explains what is the problem with love at all.


50 years know Lt. Nyota Uhura always advice, if it to communication problems on “Star ship Enterprise goes. For so long, Uhura is an integral part of the cult series, which has grown long in the cinema to a real phenomenon. And although Nichelle Nichols, 83, has long no longer as Commander stood in front of the camera, the younger Zoe Saldana (38, “Avatar”) fills the role with at least as much success since 2009.


Also in the new enterprise – movie ‘Star Trek Beyond’ Saldana works again on the bridge of the ship, for the third time. But despite of all experience: In an interview withthe news agency spot on news Saldana admits she was “every time again very nervous before shooting for these films”. Not least because she know “what has this sci-fi adventure for a fan base”.


“A new touch of realism”

In the latest edition of the cinema series, Zoe Saldana had but also special fun. For the first time the widely traveled occupation should not show the enterprise that they “are finally tired and want only to go home”, says the thespian. “Never I would have expected to see the day where is the enterprise staff as normal can list. It has given a new touch of realism of the story,”is the mother of twin sons.


The romance between Uhura and Spock played by Zachary Quinto (39, “Hannibal”) seems to be under a lucky star, however, from the outset. “Also this approach I liked. In the film, we examine the feelings that the two have for each other. At the same time however, we learn that even employees on a spaceship can get stress with each other. Love is also a problem for Spock and Uhura in the workplace, this is very clear in this movie,”Saldana said spot on news.


Be careful with “hot Vulcan girls

The star complemented with slightly ironic undertone, that even Uhura can be quitejealous. “Should he come with a Vulcan hot girls, then there will be powerful trouble, no question”, jokes Saldana. Either way: the development of their character from the TV show finds them “absolutely remarkable”. Women were now “much more independent, their career choices and also their private lives as regards. This Uhura is a modern woman who is not despised by men just because she wants to prove that she is able to solve their problems”, Saldana said.


Spock was her mentor, “which have represented wisdom and logic for decades. Now Uhura need no man by her side, take certain decisions for them. “She can now itself. This reflects the current social structure in many ways”, finds Saldana. “This new autonomy of women is emphasized in the new“Star Trek”significantly”, she says.

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