Ariana Grande A Pony As a Click Hit

Ariana Grande :

If to showcase stars new hairstyles in the network, then the Hailstorm is not remote.Just Ariana Grande now has landed a direct hit


Instagram is a wonderful medium for the stars of this world, to communicate directly with the fans. But some news you must deliver seemingly gentler than with a little photo about a new hairstyle. Just ask only Zac Efron or Lionel Messi after the reactions on their recent hairy posts. Otherwise, the thing is but apparently is Ariana Grande, 23, and has a Hairdresser with a nose for the right cut.


Pony beats Pokemon

The singer has let namely just weekend remodel of the hair itself. The ponytail remains but, the hair may fall now fuzzy as bangs in the front. And fact: loves Instagram.Grande likes a total whopping 3.4 million was awarded for the first two Selfies with new hairstyle. A very good value. Even a current “Pokemon go” mail of the stars was much less well. Thus remains the bottom line the doctrine: pony beats Pokemon.


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