Selena Gomez Concern About The Singer

Selena Gomez :

Tears on the stage and cryptic words on Instagram: Is Selena Gomez in life crisis?

What is wrong with Selena Gomez? Is the singer in a deep life crisis?


Why is Selena Gomez so emotional?

According to reports, the musician had escaped at her concert on Saturday (July 23)in Indonesia’s capital Jakarta on the stage in tears. Then she posted cryptic words on her Instagram account which give cause for concern: “I have felt today evening very unauthentic unconnected with myself and my music”, among other things, she wrote.


The concert took place at Selenas 24 birthday instead a reason for them to reflect their lives? “I must reconsider creatively and personally some areas in my life”, it is called at the end of the posts.


What has led to her emotional outburst, is unclear. However Selena Gomez had collapsed in the past month on the stage as she mourned for her shot friend Christina Grimmie.

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