Justin Bieber “Cold Water” Conquered The iTunes Charts

Justin Bieber :

Justin Bieber has it always still has on it: the new song of the pop star stormed to the top of the iTunes charts and that in just 24 hours.


“The Biebs” can it so still: pop star Justin Bieber (22, “Love Yourself”) made the leap to the top of the iTunes charts and the only 24 hours with his new song! The song “Cold water”, the singer has recorded in collaboration with major Lazer (“light it up”) and the Danish newcomer (27, “Final Song”), was released on Friday and landed directly on one. Now he slipped two while on course, but Bieber fans, the song now considered the absolute summer hit of the year!


The success was however almost predictable: as major Lazer and have worked together successfully in the past year for the catchy tune “Lean On”. To add the still“the Biebs”, I can go really wrong. Co author of the single is by the way Ed Sheeran(25, “Photographer”), who has written already Justin Bieber hit “Love Yourself”.

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