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Cara Delevingne :

Cara Delevingne albert around


Cara Delevingne, 23, is to have fun. Her latest Instagram snapshot, where she can be seen together with actress Margot Robbie, 26, proves that the model it seriously takes out not so. The two faces and keep the middle finger to the camera at the same time. Funny detail: louder small smileys are painted on their toes. “TOEMOJI TIME with Margot Robbie” wrote the 23-year-old under the photo, which has received now almost 900,000 likes.


A deep friendship the British and Australian long. As reported by the “Inquisitr”, met the two at an event at Windsor Castle for the first time. When a waitress Robbie asked whether she would like to drink better water or champagne, they allegedly responded: “God, I want Tequila!”. Cara Delevingne, which stood about five meters away, picked it up and cried: “someone said Tequila?”.

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