Jennifer Aniston Vortex To a Tummy

Jennifer Aniston :

Here all look exactly: a small rounding when the actress arches? We knows what is going on with Jennifer Aniston


In these photos you cannot, as spontaneous for them to enjoy. The belly is clearly visible from the side from the front. No doubt, Jennifer Aniston, 47, looks pregnant. As the actress last week together with her husband, Justin Theroux, 44, in the Bahamas urlaubte before this will leave soon to filming the TV series “The Leftovers” for Australia, it looked so as to fulfill Jennifer’s longcherished dream of a baby.


Their spokesman denied

Jennifer Aniston is not pregnant. The two had just a delicious, great lunch.” But it is not as easy as it is to sound. In Hollywood, everyone knows that the actress tried for years to start a family. Even an adoption had contracted last year considering the pair. That was the wish of an own child not yet in compliance, is in addition to her divorce from her first husband Brad Pitt, who cheated on her with his former co-star Angelina Jolie the most painful experiences of their lives…


So she wants to be finally pregnant

Yet Jennifer Aniston has not given up, as GALA from a friend learns from its environment: “Jennifer for months trying to get pregnant through artificial insemination”, he says. Supposedly she have fallen back but because of their age on eggs of a younger woman.


If successful, so Dr. Mandy explains mangler, Deputy Director of the clinic for Gynecology & breast Center Charite, a difficult pregnancy was imminent Jennifer Aniston still. “If an egg donation is used in artificial fertilization, the risk to the child is not lowered although, for the mother but.” Saying: Jennifer remains a risk pregnant women because of their age.


Curves through hormone treatment

The clear round in the Centre of the body, which resembles the belly of a baby in the first months of pregnancy, explains Dr. mangler: “Hormone treatment, which runs through a woman in front of an artificial insemination, can lead to an enlarged abdomen.” This phenomenon can also be observed in other Hollywood stars such as Cameron Diaz, 43, allegedly also tried to be on this journey of mother.


“That‘s not fair!”

Easy and relaxed, that‘s for sure, life doesn’t feel Jennifer Cameron’s. “I like this pressure do not exerted on us women it has failed only because it has not“, she complained last year in the US magazine “Allure”. And further: “it‘s just not fair! Just because it has no child born, that doesn’t mean that you can be for dogs, friends and the children of friends not mother.”

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