Sila Sahin She Shows Her Wedding Ring?

Sila Sahin :

The newlyweds actress Sila Sahin on Snapchat wanted to show her sunburn, but their users interested in another detail


Shows us Sila Sahin, 30, about her wedding ring?


Dream wedding

The former “GZSZ” actress and the footballer Samuel Radlinger, 23, gave the vows on June 10 for a dream wedding. 200 guests, including celebrities such as Kim Gloss,celebrated the couple at the Wannsee in Berlin.


Dream wedding ring?

Meanwhile, Sila Sahin and Samuel are on their honeymoon. I’m sure that they spend in paradise at top temperatures. However, Sila Sahin has apparently forgotten the sunscreen, because their Snapchat fans, she presented her bad sunburn on the hand. Ouch! But what many followers much more interested: the sparkling piece of jewelry that can be seen on the ring finger of the beautiful actress. About the wedding ring? What also falls in the eye: Silas beautiful bracelet, stands on the “Radlinger”, the surname of her husband. Whether she soon will call themselves Sila Sahin Radlinger?

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