Amber Heard Would Have Signed An Agreement Amicably

Amber Heard :

Suite and perhaps end of the divorce of the year. Amber Heard and Johnny Depp would have reached an agreement that would end the ongoing proceedings against the actor for domestic violence.


Since l ‘ announcement of their divorce in the press may 26, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard engaged through press and lawyers a war without mercy. When Amber Heard request divorce, she accused the actor of conjugal violence, pictures and disseminates incriminating text messages. Since then, relatives of the two stars are mobilizing to confirm the version of a clan, and discredit the version of the other, friends of Johnny Depp accusing the actress of lying and manipulating opinion as it has done with the actor during their marriage


Friday, June 17, the two actors were supposed to meet at the Tribunal for the hearing of their divorce. Amber Heard would even testify at the bar and tell his version But according to TMZ, citing relatives of the two stars, they would have preferred to seal a deal that would end the procedure. In addition to the Division of real property of the couple (the Pirate of the Caribbean has an island in the Bahamas including), they would be agreed on the issue of spousal support. If the figure of 50,000 dollars previously mentioned has not been confirmed, the American site States that the pension would be paid for a period of 8 months. Furthermore this agreement would terminate any other proceedings… which means that Amber Heard would abandon his accusations of domestic violence. If this information were confirmed, it would come in the direction of the desire of Johnny Depp’s result quickly this divorce.

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