Amal Clooney Your Emotionalster Job

Amal Clooney :

Human rights lawyer Amal Clooney adopted probably so far most emotional case her career the wife of George Clooney will lose their nerve?


Amal Clooney, 38, represented the ISIS escaped slave Nadia Murad.


The star lawyer and wife of Hollywood star George Clooney is fighting for the 22 year-old, who in December 2015 before the UN Security Council and reported by herevil fate, that took even seasoned diplomats to cry.


Nadia’s fate

The young woman was abducted in August 2014 together with 150 families of ISIS terrorists from their village. Three long months she was held by twelve ISIS men assex slave. A hideous idea and you can only guess what must have gone through Murad. Since their successful escape, Nadia fights but now sure that you recognize the mass murder of the Yazidis as “Genocide”.


Amal is her

Now, in her case, she gets extremely prominent support. Amal Clooney has taken the young woman and want to bring their case before the International Court of Justice. Compared to the “New York Times reported Nadia from the great support she received from the lawyer, as well as the screen star (“money Monster”). Amal Clooney and George have received me with him at home and opened their hearts to me.” Especially Amal impressed them most. “She has spoken with me as a prominent personality, with people like to take photos, but as a sister and patroness. She has immense force that makes me even proud to be a woman.”


The common struggle

The fate of the young woman seems like the most emotional case that Amal Clooney has adopted so far. “How it can be that the most horrible crimes, which are known to the mankind, happen before our eyes, but not to be prosecuted by the International Criminal Court in the Hague?”, she themselves about their opinion frightening conditions. “We know that thousands of Yazidi civilians […] have been murdered and enslaved thousands of Yazidi women. We know of systematic rapes, but no one is held accountable. It is time that we see the ISIS commanders on the dock in the Hague”, so Amal Clooney.


Certainly, she will give everything and fight for Nadia Murad’s case until the very end.

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