Britney Spears Her New Music Video is Hot

Britney Spears :

Her new music video is a feast: on Instagram, Britney Spears gives a taste which is much naked skin in the game.


Britney Spears, 34, landed on the set of “Magic Mike”? One of the latest Instagram posts looks like while it, in truth is in the group photo of Spears and the scantily clad men but a snapshot of the set for the new music video of singer. “Day one: check“, she wrote. And Spears fans can look forward to more, as on a music clip with many good looking men…


As the 34-year old Britney Spears in an interview with “E! Online”reveal, their new album is finished.“It‘s very exciting. I have over one and a half years, almost two, this project worked,so it means a lot. It‘s my baby”, so the singer. Her new and total ninth Studio album was doing “not more quite so pop”, but “very relaxed”.

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