Kylie Jenner With Her Ex In The Canvas

Kylie Jenner :

A few hours ago a video showing the sexual antics of Kylie Jenner and her ex Tyga would was unveiled on the website of the rapper from the DailyMail. Info or in tox?


As a sense of deja vu. After two years of tumultuous relationship, Kylie Jenner and Tyga have ended their relationship according to the TMZ site. The two lovebirds would be separated before the MET Gala. The publication reported that Kylie Jenner was at the origin of this break. “They separated before, but this time, it will resume” stated a source. If according to recent rumors Kylie Jenner would be recasee (already), the young woman would continue to act so as to not turn his ex angry. Tyga possess images of a s*x tape filmed by them at the time when they were still in couple and Kylie Jenner would be very worried at the idea that his sexual antics are broadcast to everyone on the Web.


Is it already too late? From the DailyMail, a video showing the sexual antics of Kylie Jenner and Tyga would broadcast for a few minutes on the site of the rapper. A source nevertheless assured the website that the young man is for nothing and that he will never dare to do such a thing. “Tyga will not allow not only (this video) is made public, but Kylie is afraid that this s*x tape falls into the hands of Tyga friends and that they can bring it online to embarrass him” can be read. Far from being calm so far, Kylie Jenner still asked his relatives do not say evil of his ex. “If the Kardashian disrespected, it could open the door to something of this type. It has plenty of power for the time being”.

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