Festival De Cannes 2016: Big Fear For Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid :

In the shooting mode top model Bella Hadid had a sacred fright: as the sublime brunette took the pose, a hawk visited him visit. More fear than harm fortunately. Zoom!


Bella Hadid is so beautiful that it attracts even the hawks! Indeed this Wednesday, may 18 while the top elected model of the year, laying in a Haute Couture dress on the roof of the hotel Majestic in Cannes, a surprise guest is is inlaid during the shooting.




Bella Hadid‘s younger sister was in a full photo shoot with the photographer, the stylist and hairdressers and makeup artists when a hawk came to land on the parapet of the terrace of the Majestic.


That has illuminated the Cannes Festival during the climbing of the steps of the Palais des festivals or during the evening Grisogono (and with a dizzying neckline) not visibly leaves no one indifferent.


After having been frightened by the Raptor and pushed a cry of amazement, the good friend of Kendall Jenner, it also in Cannes, has attempted to tame the Falcon who, once he was sure to appear on the photo, quickly flew. Was looking forward to seeing these shots that will be as glamorous as surprising.

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