Sandra Bullock Secret Wedding ?

Sandra Bullock :

Yikes, that hurry Yes! According to reports, Oscar Prize winner Sandra Bullock and her beloved Bryan Randall already eagerly doing should be to plan their fairy tale wedding


Hardly Sandra Bullock, 51, her great luck with her new boyfriend took, because she wants to make nails with heads allegedly as quickly as possible.


The actress (“gravity”) and her partner Bryan Randall, 49, met in January 2015, as Sandra Bullock hired the photographer to take pictures of the birthday of her now six year old son Louis. Meanwhile, the screen beauty double-MOM and adopted daughter Laila,3, in addition to her son. Also she and Bryan reportedly floating on cloud nine.


The great fortune


Last fall should be drawn even in the five-bedroom property of Hollywood beauty Bryan and now the father figure of Sandra’s children have become. Perfect it‘s not, or you?


They plan the wedding already?


This family and love luck wants to Sandra Bullock but now allegedly the Crown put on: you want to marry her partner said.


So in love


“Sandra is crazy about Bryan and wants to marry him in the summer,” a standing close to “Radar Online” talked out. The fact that Bryan has become a wonderful dad, makes shine Sandra allegedly with happiness. Now she apparently want that he is thisalso legally before the law. “She is totally in love with him and is of the opinion thatit would be a wonderful father for their children.”


Special date?


The double-mother could even imagine, that your big day is in conflict with her birthday. On July 26, Sandra is 52 years old maybe a perfect wedding date?

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