Megan Fox Five Crazy Facts About The Actress

Megan Fox :

Megan Fox is more than just the sexiest woman in the world. For example chicken. Five surprising facts about the today’s birthday child.


Megan Fox (“Transformers”) is the dream of many men acting star, sexiest woman in the world in 2008, and as a result. Whether she also would be that, if their suitors by the pig of the actress knew? On the occasion of her 30th birthday, there are five facts about Fox, who were guaranteed yet not known to you.


Where love falls down…


Megan Fox is not only on men. In an interview with the “GQ” magazine the actress admitted to one, to find ‘sexy’ Olivia Wilde on the other hand, to have been in love once in a Russian stripper. “I think that everyone with the ability is born to feel attracted to both sexes,” Fox stated. She even has given her heart to away acting mate, Brian Austin Green, 42, she is married since 2010. The couple, which has two sons, 2015 announced his separation. But since Fox is pregnant for the third time, the characters are apparently on reconciliation.


Long finger


Megan Fox is to have hired “plenty nonsense” as a child. So she‘ve courted life long ban in a Wal-Mart market, because she stole ‘Things like lip of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’. Fox, which in 2001 stood for “Holiday in the Sun” with the famous twins before the camera, learned to appreciate this “as people”: “So I stole their products.”


Crazy animals


While it is normal for one to keep cats or dogs, took a pig in the House Megan Fox once and renounced meat according to since own. “It‘s sad to know that they are slaughtered for hot dogs and luncheon meats”, so Fox’ words. The pig “thanked” it her with a “sexually aggressive” behavior and that the actress had to give away again soon it.


Bitch alert?


If Megan Fox is in shooting for a film, then it takes, to make no friendship with an acting colleague. “Women are no good friends”, the mother of two is noted in an interview with the “maxim”. So it seems only logical that Fox in their former “Confessions of a high school Diva” Gordon Lindsay Lohan was not soul mates. “But you must keep in mind that we were 16 year old girls. I‘ve since seen Lindsay Lohan, but I think that she has grown up and changed. I know that this is true for me.”


Scaredy cat


What is also true on Fox: it is through Phobiker in. In “the tonight show starring Jimmy Fallon she babbled out for one, to have “always been afraid of the dark”. On the other hand, she talked about her aversion to paper. “When I read, I have a cup of water with me, to dip my finger.” In addition, Fox suffers from fear of flying. Her remedy for panic attacks: “I know that it is not my fate to die during a Britney Spears song.” And that’s why today’s birthday child has during flights “baby one more time and co. in the ear.

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