Hayden Panettiere Can Not Support Vladimir

Hayden Panettiere :

Hayden Panettiere was always an important pillar for Wladimir Klitschko. But in his next fight may not support probably her husband


Hayden Panettiere must treat again in a clinic due to postpartum depression. A big shock for her many fans. But also the followers of Wladimir Klitschko will probably be concerned.

Training for the big fight


Because of the heavyweight boxer trained for his next big fight. On July 9, Vladimir must get back in the ring against Tyson fury. The had lost the 40 years last November surprise and had to give up his world champion belt.


Difficult situation for Vladimir


In the boxing, extreme focus is required. Now you must ask yourself of course, how this is at all possible. Family situation is difficult after all, even a 16 months small daughter who needs her parents have Hayden Panettiere and Vladimir. Also, Wlamir could always count on last fights on Hayden. The 26-year-old in his defeats fight was in November on the spot, to push the thumb of her fiance.


Is it can be in the fight this?


It is questionable whether Hayden can be in July at the arena here. May be she must cheer on a few thousand kilo meters from Vladimir, when he fights in Manchester. Hayden is now in a clinic in the US State of Utah and even the largest support needed to become healthy again. Nobody knows exactly how long to take their therapy claims.

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