Pamela Anderson Smooth Drawn Like Never Before!

Pamela Anderson  :

Pamela Anderson has allowed themselves already several Botox injection with her 48 years. Last year they swore off however the neurotoxin. But now it appears tight than ever


Nearly a year ago, Pamela Anderson said to have sworn off Botox and beauty-OPs and to age naturally.


In an interview to the American “people” magazine at that time she said: “I feel fromday to day younger. Beauty comes from the inside. It is simply a healthy attitude.”


Various plastic surgery


That sounded like a whole new tones. Finally, the 48 year old Hollywood star was not always an enemy of beauty interventions.


Your brush let fall Pamela Anderson several times and also her lips reached the one or the other syringe.


It does not stand on Botox


Botox tried it supposedly only once and never again: “I am the last person who has tried Botox, but I did it. It felt, as my eyes would sink. So deep, that I no longer looked like me! I do not stand on this stuff.”


Perhaps because this statement but also keep in mind that she was of the opinion, in her marriage with Rick Salomon 20 years older to have looked. Is she divorced in the meantime Yes and told the “W Magazine”: “I know that it sounds like a cliche, but satisfaction has much to do with beauty.”


Firm and happy


In her new short film “Connected” unusually naturally presents itself. The 48-year-old is completely without makeup in front of the camera and she leave even their beloved fake lashes. Their skin appears but also more youthful than ever before.


Well, Pamela must be currently be particularly satisfied. Or is her extremely tight face, which threatens to burst soon to explain how? Pamela Anderson has sworn off beauty OPs know.

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