After Beyonce Album, Jay-z Give Its Response

Beyonce :

Has Beyonce wanted to attack Jay – Z with the release of his new album, Lemonade?The husband of singer subject of numerous rumors of an affair. Of the charges to which he will soon respond in song according to US Weekly.


A source has revealed to US Weekly magazine that Jay – Z would be working on new songs. These would have to give his version of the facts regarding the rumors of marital turmoil convulsing the couple currently. Indeed, the last album of Beyonce, Lemonade, gave way to many comments. Several of his songs refer to the infidelity of her husband. One cannot help thinking that it is inspired by his own experiences. Since TMZ revealed the brawl between Solange Knowles and Jay – Z, rumors of infidelity by rapper have ceased to grow. Queen Bey album thus presents the oil on the fire. And to do worse, the singer appeared alone on the red carpet at the Met Gala week. If some relatives of the couple defend the main party involved by explaining that the famous “Becky” exists not or the singer is inspired by the history experienced by his parentsFans have trouble believing. Rita Ora which has first been accused to be the mistress of the rapper‘s 46 years ended the rumor by posting a selfie with Beyonce at the Met Gala. Others speak simply of a com call being implemented by the couple who orchestrates their careers with a master hand.


Jay – Z did not respond to rumors, but according to US Weekly, it soon should know the truth. Indeed, the rapper would explain what happened in these next songs. The parents of Blue Ivy did not finish to speak of them.

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