Scarlett Johansson “I Have Become Much More Patient”

Scarlett Johansson :

Super girl Scarlett Johansson in the GALA-interview about superheroes and super powers


The skintight leather suit is quite amazing in the film. Private but carries Scarlett Johansson, 31, mostly jeans and sweatshirts. Also interview with GALA. The Hollywood actress itself is as loose as her outfit. That she are reluctant to interviews, is today at all not to remember her. In her new action film “the first Avenger: civil war once again plays the superhero Black Widow Scarlett Johansson. The full force of its role appears thorough to rub off. Quick-witted and funny she answered all questions. The thought of potential superpowers obviously gives her pleasure.


Do you have the feeling that celebrities such as Super Heroes are treated?

No, I think celebrities are treated sometimes like celebrities.

But many think, when you‘re famous, you automatically have super powers.

Known to be gives you the possibility to get a reservation at a restaurant at the last minute anyway. This is a super hero power then very close, especially in New York.


Were you fan of comics and superheroes as a kid?

I read earlier like the “Archie” comics. I loved Veronica’s outfits.


You remember your first Super Hero story?

Yes, I have the “Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles loved the film, not the comics. Probably I have watched him at least fifty times.


Do you have a favorite Super Hero?

Black Widow of course!


You play the role of Black widow for the fifth time. Will make it easier every time?

Each film has its own challenges. In “the first Avenger: civil war there were many new characters and the relationships between them. The problem, to my appearances stand out and yet to remain faithful to the character I‘ve developed for seven years was for me.


Can you compare Black Widow with Wonder Woman?

I don’t know anything about Wonder Woman. But her costume looks very uncomfortable.


What do you think who would probably win in a fight between the Black Widow and Wonder Woman?

It depends on why they are fighting. If it’s about the last Superman movie, then probably Wonder Woman.


Their superhero character in the film leads two lives: as Natasha Romanoff and BlackWidow. Are you privately also quite different in the job?

One can never know the life of someone else, unless you know those even. But even then the lives of others not properly known.


We try to get to know you a bit better: Add following records: I‘m afraid


ignorant voters.

I hate it when


People me snatch away the taxi in front of the nose.

I love it when


I‘m done with the sports training.

People think I‘m


Scarlett Johansson.

I would hope, that people know


that AIDS is still a threat.

The best advice you have ever received?

Drink plenty of water!


The worst piece of advice you have ever received?

I can remember, so it was really a bad piece of advice.


The best advice you have ever been?

To take risks.


Her daughter, rose is now 19 months old. What has changed the most since you‘re mother?

I‘ve become much more patient.


What films would you watch later happy times with your child?

My child, I want to show the movies that I‘ve looked at me in my childhood itself. They would then probably “Indiana Jones” and “The goonies”. The 1980 s were a great time of action and adventure films. All these ground-breaking films of Steven Spielberg and Robert Zemeckis.


And what of your own movies would you show your daughter?

This is not so important to me.


What movie should the offspring not rather see?

“Chucky the killer Doll”. (laughs)


Suppose you are likely to choose two superpowers in real life, which would you take?

The ability to tele port himself, and to be able to turn dirty water into clean.


Is there anything you would change in your life, if you had the power to do so?

I‘d like two identities, both a public and a private.


And if you could really change a real event as Scarlett Johansson, what would that be?
Himself would fight that every child gets a good education. And I‘d give all the way to their goals, to be informed and to be able to make a difference for the future.
In this movie, it‘s Yes to the confrontation between Captain America and iron. Which side would you choose? Even as Black Widow, once as a fan?
I don’t think that it comes Black Widow, to choose a page. She believes in a strategy, it is practical. She sees things in black and white. I‘m probably too knitted.
Would you accept the offer to play, so Batgirl or Catwoman in another superhero film?
You should never say, but I think I‘ve exhausted enough of this genre.

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