Gisele Bundchen A Year After The Beauty Surgery

Gisele Bundchen :

Less than a year after the OP game of hide-and-seek under a burqa, now new photos of supermodel Gisele Bundchen surfaced rib


Less than a year after the burqa game of hide-and-seek


Gisele Bundchen a French beauty clinic under a burqa rib should have left in July 2015. A boob job and also a tightening of the eye area it should have been for Gisele Bundchen.


Since then, Brazilian supermodel only very rarely seen in public.


She post then only on Instagram and when a photo Finally she can control these images themselves.


Yesterday (April 28) the stony double Mama was spotted several times in New York.The reason for their stay there was their invitation to the “the tonight show” with the American cult host Jimmy Fallon.
How does Gisele looks like the alleged plastic surgery?


You see running around Gisele Bundchen in the streets of New York, it could pale with envy. With 35 years but not much changed looks still very youthful . But precisely therein lies the art of well-made beauty intervention. You think the patient would still so youthful look like ten years ago, but the features remain the same.


Either Gisele picked up one of the best doctors in the world in France or but it‘s damn good genes.


First photo after OP – hide and seek


British online site “” shows footage of Gisele Bundchen and her children out of a private jet. A modified appearance is hard to see in the photos, because the supermodel wearing a wide gingham shirt and tweaks together eyes because of the Sun.
Quite possible that Gisele Bundchen interventions were minimal and previously the burka photos in circulation were so well done that it ever would be if not noticed anyone.

Here is the new photos of Gisele Bundchen


Gisele leaves a beauty clinic under a burqa

Celebrities are enough in the business, such as the Brazilian ex-model Gisele Bundchen, 35, long to know how to tricks with paparazzi but this time it didn’t seem, as reported by the “New York Post” the gossip portal. : Recently a woman in burqa from the Paris clinic for cosmetic surgery “Clique you Parc Monceau came and went on a black sedan, two things immediately were eye-witnesses: the longtime chauffeur of Gisele Bundchen drove the car and the fully veiled woman wearing open sandals, which would be a real Muslim woman strictly prohibited. About proof enough, that‘s the“Victoria’s secret” icon was that because lying under the knife?


Hanging breasts with 35


An insider to have said to the portal that rib long had ere with her hanging breasts,which would have given her two pregnancies. Also the hide-and-seek game took place around the 20th of July, the 35th birthday of the 1.80meter catwalk beauty, who hung up her job as a supermodel in April on the nail she has given the new bosom to the birthday? The “New York Post” wants to know for sure: that should have cost OP equivalent of 10,000 euros, and the eyes rib have can also join.


There is a burqa ban in France

But the masquerade backfired. Because now seems to be in France to prepare a Hailstorm against Gisele Bundchen and her sister, which should have been in burqa it: in France, the wearing of full concealment in public is no longer allowed since 2011. This also applies to women from Los Angeles, who have made millions with the movement of her body.



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