Beyonce Says Jay-Z To The Go Cheating Scandal

Beyonce :

Singer Beyonce Knowles has created a song on her new album sensation she cheated her husband Jay-Z? The rap mogul’s talking now


Go strange carousel

What should be Jay-Z a very worse finger for a clutter according to reports.

The musicians (“99 problems”) allegedly cheated on his wife of Beyoncé Knowles. Initially, it was called Designer Rachel Roy was the woman with which he may have had an affair. Then there was more and more evidence that singer Rita Ora should be the bad guy. She has denied the rumors, however.


Beyonce’s mother is fueling rumor mill


Bey‘s mother of Tina Knowles also had it not take indirectly in an Instagram posting to comment on the rumors. Beyonce  worked so hard on this project. It was so important to offer something to the universe, that of healing and hope. No matter what you go through in life, everything can be transformed for good.” Is Tina Knowles since approximately the go foreign rumors to Jay-Z? What about Jay-Z to the go foreign accusations?


Now Jay-Z speaks


According to an insider, who spoke exclusively to “Hollywood Life”, Jay-Z should have referred to the album of his wife as a “Masterpiece”. “For Beyonce , work on the album was a therapeutic and restorative experience with the intention to strengthen their marriage”, so the Insider continues. The rapper should be very proud of his wife. Can you really believe such records?


Did he really “explode”?

According to an another informant response was then somewhat different Jay-z and he shall “rage boil”. So he lay first joint projects on ice. “He‘s doing badly”, explained an another Insider to “Radar Online”. He should not be reportedly behind Beyonce  and her new album. “He hates the direction, just beating their music.” Also, he should be of the opinion, to have made Queen Bey, who is today the superstar. Sounds like wounded men-ego another reason why Beyonce  her husband just “much resents”.



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