Lil’ Kim Transformation To The Mega-Barbie

Lil’ Kim :

The US rapper Lil’ Kim has a stark change in type underwent. After various cosmetic surgery, she now looks like Barbie’s lively sister


Lil’ Kim (41, “Whoa”) is on one of their recent Instagram Selfies really almost unrecognizable: the US rapper now looks like the reincarnation of a blond Barbie doll. Obviously the African-American musician has undergone numerous beauty OPs lately, to fully meet their ideal of beauty.


Her complexion is much brighter, bleached hair and smoothed


Not only her hair has become much brighter with a bleaching, also her complexion seems to have changed to some nuances. The 41 year-old Grammy winner non bleaching once Michael Jackson while yet but who knows what still is expected to Lil’ Kim her skin in the future.


Frequent, extreme beauty OPs are a major burden for health in any case because it relates to serious interference, which can be associated with high risks.


How strongly does the desire of the rapper despite these risks will be to live the life of a white Barbie?

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