Beyonce Revealed That She Betrayed Her Husband

Beyonce :

Just Beyonce released her new album, on which she allegedly revealed that she has betrayed her husband Jay-Z. Now, it is speculated whether Rita Ora was the affair of the rapper


The allegations of fraud in the case of Jay-Z and Beyonce are always spicy. After only the Designer Rachel Roy was accused to have had an affair with the rapper, now there is a new candidate: Rita Ora.


You will heat up the rumor mill


The singer fueled the rumors more or less involuntarily neat. On Snap chat, the singer showed that in a see-through bra and her nipples are covered only by two lemons. An allusion to Beyonce‘s new album “Lemonade”?


Death threats on Instagram


The speech, which the 47-year-old should have made out is a certain ‘Becky’ in a song. And the fans are safe now: this ‘Becky’ is Rita Ora. Not only that she carries the citrus BRA, she has even a chain with the letter “J” around the neck. Clearly it doesn’t for the social media user. “You, girl? The Internet thinks Becky is Rita Ora”, is really still a totally harmless comment. But it‘s also really blatantly, because writes an Instagram users: “we are at war. This is no time for business. We can not rest until Rita’s career is buried. “


An album about his affairs?


On the new album, which was released unexpectedly, fraud revolves around. Beyonce sings for example “my father warned me about men like you” and alludes that may indicate that her husband Jay-Z had an affair with another woman.

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