Angelina Jolie’s Health Condition Is Threatening

Angelina Jolie :

Oscar-winning actress Angelina Jolie is getting thinner. Long gone are the days in which this could be dismissed as a result of a Hollywood diet. We talked with an expert about the threatening health of six mother


There seems to be no relief in sight. Angelina Jolie and her spindeldurrer body put fans all over the world in great concern. Because even wide outfits, pashminas and stolen it no longer can hide.


As “The Hollywood Gossip” the end of March, the six-time mother to weigh now less than 40 kilograms. A weight which is at a height of nearly 1.69 meters a life-threatening BMI (body mass index) of 12-13.


Supposedly the 40 years take far too little for a grown woman only 500 calories . Moreover one that must deal with so much stress such as Angelina Jolie. Six children, filming, her passionate work as UN Ambassador all gnawing on body and mind.


In addition, that Angelina Joliea should have great fear of a cancer diagnosis. After her beloved mother Marche line died of breast cancer in 2007, Jolie made 2013 providing bilateral mastectomy (removal of the breast glands).


An expert raises the alarm


Dipl. – okotrophologe Stefan Koffinke sees Angelina Jolie‘s physical development with great concern. Angelina Jolie is known to be very thin. Here one must speak but from dangerous malnutrition.”


“With a caloric intake of less than 500 calories a day she will have significant deficiencies, there are missing vital nutrients such as proteins, fats, minerals,” is sure to the Hamburg-based dietitian.


Dangerous this behavior especially for fans and imitators who we want to be as thinis her idol and think “I try that now also”. “This poses dire health threats, because even if Hollywood celebrities are starving, they are supervised by experts and advisers.That isn’t usually in slimming willing women, driven by Hollywood bodies,.”


Side effects of malnutrition


The desire to be thin, may be so great Stefan Koffinke warns of consequences of malnutrition. The appearance of the skin is bad, the nails become brittle, hair can fall out. “No question: this diet will harm its attractiveness“, as the nutrition expert.


It is to be hoped that Angelina Jolie gets even the curve. It wish her husband Brad Pitt, which six children and millions of fans around the world.

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