Mariah Carey Want To Lose Weight 10 Kilos

Mariah Carey :

Is Mariah Carey‘s marriage to billionaire James Packer, and she want to make a very good figure. A strict diet plan is designed to help


Mariah Carey, 46, wants to marry soon and for that, the singer brings apparently in the form. She was on a strict protein diet and want to take off about ten kilos, an alleged friend betrayed the family of “daily mail online”. Carey is the Australian billionaire James Packer, 48, therefore in August in his country say.


What takes to exactly the superstar every day, seems to know the insider in detail: land on Mariah Carey‘s plate therefore only about 110 grams of roasted chicken, lean beef, or Chilean Loup de mer. She enjoy doing the most fish. To their diet would also shrimp with asparagus.


She does not waive in cheese and wine


Supposedly Mariah Carey never gets up before 11 o’clock, skips breakfast so and takes lunch to a smoothie or protein shake. Spread over the rest of the day, you eat five small portions, including a salad with chicken or salmon, to do this she constantly drink water, further revealed the source. Because the singer love but also cheese, she and Freeman Brie along with a few low-fat crackers. Also don’t miss out supposedly want them on red wine, every night for dinner, enjoy a glass.


It is difficult for you

Easily remove Mariah Carey, isn’t it goes: you love to eat “and it is now in Europe on tour. It is difficult for them, with so much wonderful food around them to endure”the friend is quoted. “But she want an hourglass figure, so that she could wear a very tight, sexy, form-fitting robe at the wedding.”

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