Kylie Jenner Artificial as Always

Kylie Jenner :

Kylie Jenner again takes a sample of her sister Kim Kardashian: she could pose for the cover of the magazine “Paper”


The image of the Barbie doll is Kylie Jenner with her latest magazine cover on the top. She posed for “Paper” with pink plastic wig and bright makeup. Even if the 18-year-old more from their preference for plastic surgery especially lip filler makes no secret, has her face extreme changes than usual.


Eyes and lips


Come on at all no speculation, Kylie Jenner shares the title page of the book on her Instagram account and clarifies: “Yes, my eyes and lips have been edited to look bigger.”


The half-sister of the Kardashians is very satisfied with the result. “Wow wow wow,mean @papermagazine COVER on the 12.4 in the trade.” This is so awesome”, she also writes to the screen.


Kylie does a sexy photo shoot


In a short video she gives a glimpse behind the scenes of the photo shoot. It is to see that her outfit a yellow Nightie with blue fur CAP, Over knee stiefel and black long included gloves.


On a further image, the young entrepreneur with his own line of lip gloss and clothing collection also bears a bright red wig. This time, however, she cover her face. That however is Kylie Jenner, is to recognize the little tattooed heart on her right upper arm.


She is Director of the opinion


The current issue of the magazine deals with opinion leaders from the fields of art,music, fashion and entertainment. “There is no better cover model for our ‘YOUth’-output as Kylie Jenner“, it says on “” about the “keeping up with the Kardashians”-reality star. “She grew up literally on our screens, since she was nine years old.”


Because Kylie Jenner is also considered Instagram Queen with 57 million followers, fans were allowed to ask her questions about the social network. The responses to the issues are to read in the magazine celebrity, family and their future.


“Paper” had caused a stir already with another Member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan. Kim Kardashian fully naked and oiled up on the title is evident in the winter of 2014.

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