Cindy Crawford Dream Body in Varadero

Cindy Crawford :

Her husband edge Gerber switched Cindy Crawford at the splash in the Bahamas and delighted his Instagram followers with the snapshot


No, that‘s not a bikini shoot with model Cindy Crawford, but a very private snapshot¬†of a family vacation. “Edge has caught me in the Blue Lagoon!”, commented the 50 years the Instagram contribution, which invites you to dream.


Crystal clear water, a slightly salty touch of the warm rays of the Sun on your skin so delightfully must feel this holiday in paradise.


Bye-bye, winter blues!


The original image comes from Cindy Crawford‘s longtime husband edge Gerber, 53, who photographed the model in the splashing about in the calf-deep water. It is not the only image also daughter KAIA, 13, documented the Bahamas stay on Instagram.


Whether on the powerboat or for lunch the Cindy Crawford-Gerber family shares their happiness with the fans and sells the last rest of winter blues.

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