Kanye West Earned 1 Million In Two Days

Kanye West :

Kanye West made a financial coup this week on the occasion of the opening of a short-lived store to sell parts of its fashion collection.


A few weeks ago, Kanye West had hit the headlines by declaring that it was over indebted. “I write this to you my brothers so I still have personal debt $ 53 million Please, pray that I kind… “, he had written on social networks. The husband of Kim Kardashian has not confirmed if it was reality, but he had a call from the foot to the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, to bail out his bank account.


This week, the rapper has apparently found a solution to restore the cherry. It has installed a short-lived shop in the chic neighborhood of Soho in New York. Kanye West proposed sale jackets, t-shirts, caps, bonnets, customized jeans and coats in limited edition. His fans could obtained these pieces ranging from 35 to 400 $ and apparently, cashier in the store have not seen the time spent in two days.


“They treated me crazy and pointed, but no other brand would be able to sell one million dollars of clothes in two days, in one place of sale!”, enjoyed Kanye West on his Twitter account. A sweet revenge for the Daddy of North West and St. During the Fashion Week in New York at the end of last year, his collection Yeezus 2 had received a very lukewarm reception.

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