Olivia Palermo: Chic In H & M

Olivia Palermo :

The waisted ultra influential is a luxury but regular Olivia Palermo crack also for the Swedish giant H & M the evidence in image


Olivia Palermo is an example to be followed in good taste, never in lack of inspiration the beautiful socialite of 30 years has made his dressing its best business card. It coins his advice in style in gold price and his public appearances are still sources of inspirations for our own guard dresses.


If it does not play the card of originality, as Blogger Chiara Ferragni, Olivia Palermo has this stuff in addition which allows him to give pace to simple jeans. With a denim look became stylish because the pro. knows exactly what accessories will boost its Quick Draw.


Chic Denim

This Tuesday, March 22, the belle was invited to the launch of the pop-up store of jewelry and Accessories Designer Kate Spade New York. For the occasion, Olivia Palermo was not going out dressed too sophisticated, the event taking place in day the evening dress would have been too much. Suddenly in real expert of customs and fashion, this is a variation of denim that belle was.


Shirt Rails and jean of the Black Orchid label, Olivia Palermo knows choose the basic right to not look too dressed. To give the glam’ to this wasted uniform she wore jewelry and a Kate Spade wallet of course but also a jacket damask silk signed line Conscious of H & M (the line luxury and eco responsible brand). A perfect manicure and Court shoes Gianvito Rossi complemented this outfit zero defect.

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