Mariah Carey Drama to Their Manager

Mariah Carey :

Mariah Carey is in trouble because of their Manager. Several longtime employees of Carey should already have announced due to the uncooperative nature of Stella Bulochnikov


Mariah Carey (45, “Obsessed”) is perhaps soon quite alone: because their Manager Stella Bulochnikov allegedly had several longtime employees of the singer should have resigned. It reported on anonymous sources “Page Six”. This would reveal that six former employees look for a job including Carey’s tour manager, two of their publicist and a stylist who designed her engagement ring, too.


You want to have nothing to do with the Manager


“It seems as if Mariah Carey of a completely foreign, has allowed to determine their lives their new Manager, and others believe this woman is pure poison. Forces experienced in their areas want to have nothing to do with her”, says an insider. “It is difficult to work with Stella and Mariah does not understand what‘s going on, because unlike represents the thing Stella. So Mariah Carey believes perhaps it turns to petty disputes.”There were not any employees of Carey, who had gone, but people who accompanied the singer already partly for 20 years.


Salaries have not yet


Bulochnikov also their own lawyer and accountant brought, which is why several of the employees waiting for their salaries. “She didn’t pay the people and threaten with lawsuits.” Also, a planned TV show with Mariah Carey was a problem. During filming for the series, the Manager camera talked poorly about former employees. “Makes the series, to the reality show.  The show will be definitely trashy, because it‘s full of lies.”

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