Rihanna Denies Any Rivalry With Beyonce!

Rihanna :

In an interview with US Vogue, Rihanna explained that there was no rivalry between she and Beyonce.


Rihanna is one of Vogue us always as beautiful, singer gave a long interview to the famous magazine in which she returned on the supposed rivalry between her and Beyonce, but also on his working relationship with his ex Drake or his sentimental life.


The young 28-year-old singer has put the dots on the I: people love to feed on gossip about something that is negative. Something that pits. Something like a rivalry.And this is not what I get up every morning. Because I‘m just myself. And that, nobody else is capable of being.” At least everything is clear!


Rihanna is also back on his relationship with Drake with whom she released a song“Work”: “everything he does is really amazing.” She then explained that she had no time to have a sentimental relationship: “my schedule is so crazy right now This will clearly be a challenge when I decide to invest myself in a relationship… “But I hope!”


Rihanna focuses on her next tour The Anti World, which will pass through Paris and the famous Stage de France June 30.

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